31 days, 31 drawings!


What is INKTOBER? Simply put it is what it says it is!


For every 31 days of October, there will be a different ‘prompt’ to inspire artists from all over the world to draw, or ink.! This fabulous concept came about from comic and picture book illustrator Jake Parker. Jake started INKTOBER back in 2009, when he created the popular art challenge to improve his own inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. From that time INKTOBER has grown world-wide with thousands of artists (some very talented – just check out #inktober2017) taking on the challenge each year in October.


What are the rules? For each day of October the artist will have a different ‘prompt’ word to inspire artists to draw. For example, INKTOBER 2017 the day 1 prompt was ‘Swift’. This encouraged plenty of drawings of the common swift bird, cheeky monkeys and even a sketch of Taylor Swift in dominatrix mode! The beauty of INKTOBER is its casual rules, it allows the artist freedom to interpret the prompt word however they perceive, professional or not.


Simply put, the rules are:

1) make a drawing out of ink inspired by the daily prompt

2) post it

3) hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018


So this years INKTOBER challenge will see 8 new contenders take part. Yes – the Koda Design team is taking on INKTOBER 2018 and we are excited!!

As designers in the technology age, a lot of our drawing and design work is done on computer, and like Jake Parker we feel we can always improve on our own hand sketches.


Keep an eye on our Instagram pages and follow us throughout October for a bit of fun, there is definitely going to be some interesting sketches and I’m sure some that will give us all a good laugh.


We’re off now to whip out our sketch pens and get inking!