We are a Building Design + Interior Design studio based in Brisbane, Queensland. Our primary focus is Residential and Commercial design. At Koda Design, we approach each project on its merit. We value the process of design, the history of design and are always looking to the future, considering new ideas and encouraging innovation. Considering context, environment & brief, we always strive to deliver a unique and tailored solution.

Formed in 2009, by director Dane Power, Koda Design has focused on building a skilled team in-house with a diverse array of education, experience and talents. We cornerstone our experience, education and design skills through traditional design practices combined with the latest in technology and visualisation to deliver our clients outstanding results via our unique and enjoyable design process.

Our Team

Dane Power

Director / Building Designer Formed Koda Design 2009 dane@kodadesign.com.au

Rebecca Power

Interior Designer Formed Koda Design 2009 rebecca@kodadesign.com.au

Dean Le

Building Designer Joined Koda Design 2017 deanle@kodadesign.com.au

Celine Le

Building Designer Joined Koda Design 2018 celine@kodadesign.com.au

Nicholas Earle

Building Designer Joined Koda Design 2021 nick@kodadesign.com.au

Nicia Wang

Building Designer / Interior Designer Joined Koda Design 2022 nicia@kodadesign.com.au

Barbara Cabral

Administration / Office Manager Joined Koda Design 2022 barbara@kodadesign.com.au